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Famous Libyans

1) Muammar Gaddafi- President of Lybia for 40 years.

2)Ali Omar Ermer- Artist, writer

3)Ahmed Fakroun- Musician.

Libya's Current Leader- Mohammed Magarief

Ethnic Tribes

In Libya, there are many different ethnic groups. The latest estimates are that 97% of the population is compromised of Berbers and Arabs. The remaining 3% is made up of Italians, Greeks, Maltese, Egyptians, Pakistanis, Turks, Indians, and Tunisians.


The coastal plain of Libya was inhabited as early as 6000 B.C. by a Neolithic culture, skilled in the domestication of cattle and the cultivation of crops. To the south, in what is now the Sahara, hunters and herdsmen roamed what was then a well-watered savanna.

In the 6th century, the Byzantines conquered the Vandals, and ruled the coastal regions of Libya until the Arab conquest in the 7th century. The Arabs mixed in with the Berbers, who gradually entered into the Muslim Arab culture. In the 7th century BC Greek colonist settled into Cyrenaica. In 96 BC, they forced Egypt to surrender Cyrenaica, and Roman influence later extended as far south as the Fezzan. Libya became very prosperous under Roman rule. In September 1911, Italians invaded Libya, with fierce resistance from the Turks and indigenous Libyans. A peace treaty in October 1912 placed Libya under Italian rule.

The European nation that colonized Libya in 1911 was Italy. In 1949 the UN voted that Libya become an independent nation. Libya finally gained their independence in 1951.

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