Dug's Special Mission

By Thaxton Boyd 8-2

Movie moment

It's in a futuristic time in the future.


Person v. Person, since they are all dogs and in there mind a dog is basically a human to them.


The main character is dug who is a dog searching for a bird in the desert mountains.

Rising action

Event 1

Dug's pack tells dug to watch the birds favorite rock.

Event 2

The pack tells dug to sit in the bi do favorite hole.

Event 3

the pack tells dug to stay on a rock so he can catch the bird.


When the pack dogs tell there master dug that he is a bad dog and he is going to get it from his master.

Falling action

Event 1

dug wanders off really sad.

Event 2

dug finds a new master after wandering off.


dug surprises his new master by talking to them through his talking collar