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Shaw Montessori Newsletter - Week of September 4th, 2022

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  • Message From Principal Engdall
  • Message From Nurse Rose
  • Message From Laura Hildwein
  • Garden Update
  • Shaw Montessori After-School Classes
  • See Shaw Shine Reporters
  • Library Volunteers
  • Shaw PTA
  • September Meal Menu
  • Shaw Calendar
  • District Information

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Message From Principal Engdall

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Greeting Shaw Community!

We are now complete! Our last group of primary children joined us last week and as promised, it is once again a lively place with the classrooms at full capacity and our out-door-learning labs beginning to function again. We are enjoying the field garden and the ODE, especially in the early hours. A special thank you to Stacie Ricks for her organization and oversight of the ODE and teachers Ms. Kylie and Ms. Elizabeth who are really enjoying the exuberance of the young children. And to Mr. Moench who has pulled more than his share of Bermuda grass to get the gardens ready for our fall planting! Please mark your calendar for our Parent Workday in the gardens on Saturday, October 1st from 8 to noon. A link will be available soon in

Our afterschool student pickup at the back of the school, along Monroe need some refinement…..really just a reminder of general courtesy guidelines. I ask that you take a moment to look at and abide by the procedures that will make pickup safer for the students.

1. Please respect those that live along Monroe. DO NOT pull onto Monroe beside their vehicles. Instead wait on the SE corner of 13th Street until you can pull in front of their vehicles and not congest the intersection.

2. Please leave ample space between vehicles so once children load, you can pull out to allow other cars to move up.

3. Avoid driving west on Monroe when departing because it impedes the flow of those in the pickup line that are driving east. Instead, exit onto 14th Street, park along 14th Street or use the small Unifirst parking lot on the corner of Monroe and 14th .

4. If you walk up to pick up your child, use the crosswalks when returning to your car. There is a lot going on and adding the possibility of someone cutting in front of your car is dangerous.

It’s HOT, we know it, you know it, the children know it. Help us by following these simple directions so that we can get your child to you quickly and we can retreat to the air-conditioning too.

Remember that registration and payment of afterschool classes closes on Friday, September 9th. Act quickly to secure a place for your child.

Wishing you the best,

Principal Engdall

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Message From Nurse Rose

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Note from the nurse:

I have sent out FARE Forms which need to be on file in the nurse’s office for students who have Anaphylaxis (Epi) Level allergies. Please bring into students MD office for them to complete and then return to me. If your student is in pre/kdg, I cannot dispense medication unless it is brought in by the parent. Please bring in 2 Epi-pens and Benadryl if that is part of the anaphylaxis treatment plan. For grades 1-8, I do have Benadryl on site. The nurse’s office has 2 epi-pens for students, but these expire in October and currently we do not have firm plans to resupply them.

Parents if your child has a fever, they need to remain out a full 24 hours after being fever free without the use of anti-fever medication.

If you have any questions/concerns, you can reach me at 602.257.3900.

Thanks! Rose RN

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Message From Laura Hildwein

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Bullying Curriculum

During the coming weeks each class will have a presentation about bullying. They will learn what bullying is (repeated, imbalance of power and intention to cause harm). They will learn about the roles in bullying (bully, victim, bystanders, upstanders). They will also learn about the different types of bullying (physical, verbal, relationship and for the older kids cyberbullying).

The students will learn how to report bullying and the 4 steps to a calm body and mind (Pause, breathe, think how you are feeling, be the boss of your brain and body). The upper elementary and middle school students will also learn about peer conflict vs. bullying and snitching/tattling vs. reporting. All students will be taught ways to become upstanders and to support each other.


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Garden Update

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We made it through August! It was a sweltering month. All of us are looking forward to cooler weather and another growing cycle. Several classes started seeding transplants this week. We seeded lettuce, kale, marigold, celery, brussel sprouts, cauliflower and pumpkin. We will have extra transplants so please have your child arrange to take a couple a home if you have a garden space.

Next week we will begin our block on aguas frescas. The students are frothing at the bit to start cooking. We will start with a simple Jamaica recipe then try a more complex horchata recipe. We will be hosting an aguas frescas market table on September 21st during pick-up and in the evening prior to the PTA meeting. We will be selling both Jamaica and horchata. Please bring your cash to help support our garden program.

Our parent workday is a month away! We will be excavating the perimeter of the field garden. Please bring your shovels, rakes and wheelbarrows if you have them. The amazing Mrs. Kutsko has created a sign-up portal for volunteers. You can register by clicking the link below:

Here’s my email in case you need to reach me:

Home Depot gift cards are always appreciated. Continue bringing your aluminum cans, coffee grounds, eggshells and bottle caps. You can leave them on the table outside the front office except for the bottle caps. Have your child drop them in their classroom bin.

If you have any flagstone cuts or wood cuts we will also take them. We will also accept any tool donations for the field garden and/or ODE.

Enjoy your holiday!

Mr. Moench

P.S. The class winner of the bottle cap drive will be rewarded with an ice cream and popsicle party in the spring!

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Shaw Montessori After-School

Classes start next week / Registration closes September 9th

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For class information and flyers visit last week's See Shaw Shine Newsletter here:

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See Shaw Shine Reporters

This school year students from Ms. Wheelington's class will be writing articles for our newsletter under the heading: See Shaw Shine Reporters. Each week make sure to check out this new feature written and reported by talented Shaw journalists! Premier article - interview with Heather Hostler about her new sewing class...
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Sewing Class Is Starting!

The sewing class was created by Mrs. Heather Hostler, the assistant to Ms. Chan and Ms. Kemi Giwa, assistant to Ms. Naomi. When you sign up, you learn how to hand sew and learn how to make different kinds of stitches. You will also get to learn the basics of using a sewing machine!

When everyone has the basics down they will sew felt garlands, magnets, pins, pillows, bags, and hopefully something they can wear. If you don't know how to sew you do not have to worry. “If you have the opportunity to learn something new you should try it and you might enjoy it.” said Mrs. Hostler. Ms. Kemi said “be patient and pay close attention to what you are doing and it will become easier“.

Classes start on Monday September 12th after school from 3:40-5:00. It will be held in the art room (room 303) and it ends December 5th. Slots are filling up fast so sign up quickly! The age group is 4-8 grade to make sure younger kids do not get injured. If you have clubs on Monday afternoon you could not join because they are at the same time . There is a fee for this class, but all of the materials are supplied by Mrs. Hostler and the school so you do not have to buy them. We hope to see you there!

Interview & article by: Maggie, Quentin, Carmen, Liam C. , Liam M. and Jazmin

*contact Heather with questions and to register. See attached flyer below for more info

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Library Volunteers

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Looking for a way to fulfill your yearly volunteer hours? Come help me weed our non-fiction collection (outdated/disrepair research books). Volunteer days/hours are Monday and Friday from 8:30-10:30 am. If this interests you, please reach out to me directly to schedule (and log!) your volunteer visit.

Ms. Patti

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Shaw PTA

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Click the link to log your Site Council / PTA attendance:

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September Meal Menu


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Shaw Calendar

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District Info

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