Marine Eco-toxicology

Antonio, Brandy

Marine Ecotoxicology

  • Main objectives include:

    • Determine the status of various pollutants in estuaries and coastal waters to predict future ecotoxicological risks.

    • Identify various marine bacteria.

    • Provide protocols to provide early warning systems when deleterious effects pollution on an ecosystem.

    • Evaluate the impact it has on humans and their activities.

    • Research the effects of the contaminants

  • Research the effects of the contaminants

Working Conditions

As a Marine Eco-toxicologist, you will be working in different environments. Ranging from laboratories to various ecosystems. Being a ecotoxicologist, you are constantly endangering your life by working with various bacteria and toxins.

Other areas studied

  • Aquatic toxicology

  • Ecology

  • Environmental toxicology

You can major in these various areas to also work in the field on a Ecotoxicologist.

Ecotoxicology the Pros

Becoming an Ecotoxicologist Assessor is a great job to work in if you are dedicated to work to help animal and plant life. Some pros of this job are

. You get to work in a new field of work which started in the 1960’s.

. You work to save animal and plant life, and to insure their safety.

. You work to try and find new testing methods that don't involve animals.

Ecotoxicology the cons

working as an ecotoxicologist is a good field of work, but it also has its cons. this field of work may become dangerous at certain points because you are around hazardous poisons. some of these cons are…

. You may come in contact with dangerous poisons or chemicals that may threaten your safety.

. You may have to work on animals to find the effects on them and the harm the chemicals or poisons may cause.

. You also have to go thru a lot of education may be from 2-6 year past your bachelor's degree

Equipment used

Lumbar puncture needle

This is used to puncture thru to the spinal cord and either extract or inject fluids.this needle is used to extract toxins located in the spinal cavity, and sometimes to relieve pressure as some people or animals may suffer from violent muscle contractions when a certain poison is introduced. a poison like


This device is used to separate the sediments and other material in the liquid substance based on the mass of the material. This is done by putting a sample of the material tested and the motor spins at high speeds separating the material in layers.


this device is used to measure the amount of solutes in a solution by measuring the amount of light that is absorbed by the solution.

Education needed

the education needed is a lot to be in this field. You first must get your bachelor's degree, then continue on to get 3 more different degrees to cover all the knowledge needed in this field. These include a masters and doctoral degree, also a master of science degree.

Salary and Opportunities

The salary determines the pay, having the normal amount of schooling you may earn from $35,000 to $60,000 a year. If you wish to go further into your studies and get your PhD you may earn anywhere from $70,000 to $100,000 a year

Current need

Although, it may seem like a very popular and needed job, it’s really not.

People may think that it’s not very necessary, so there isn’t a popular demand for this field.

This IS important

  • We use chemicals everyday. We should know what these chemicals do to our earth and the living creatures on it.

  • This field can help prevent a serious disaster, involving pollution.

  • What if a new bacteria or toxin is found? We would need to know how it works and it’s impact on us and an ecosystem.