New Delhi, India

A sure to place to visit!👍


the climate is normally very hot from april to june 25 degrees to 45 degrees Celsius still letting you wear light cotton clothing. however from december to january or February to march is the best seasons to visit with the weather being cool and pleasant.
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new Delhi vegetation is thorny scrubs
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Average 4🌟 HOTEL costs

$111.09 USD a night.

With marvelous views of the city and memeberhship while staying.

Enjoying a nice swim, Indian traditional food, and tour of the Taj Mahal.

Flight ✈️🌏

your flight starts at 10:10am from Dallas love field on may 6th to Atlanta this takes 2h and 8m.

from Atlanta you go to paris at 3:16pm this takes 8h and 54m.

Finally at 10:45am you leave paris and head to new Delhi this final part takes 8h and 20m and has you arriving at 10:35pm this entire roundtrip only cost 1,379.82 and you return may 13th

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