Stella and Dot

Let's Talk About Booking!

I am beyond excited to help you get your Stella and Dot business going!

Your Launch!

  • Visit SDU in the lounge. Take advantage of the excellent training provided just for you!
  • Have look books labeled and order forms filled out with your information.
  • Have your calendar ready and open with available trunk show dates.
  • The app checkout helper is an excellent tool for quickly calculating order totals. You can program the sales tax and shipping (which is always $5.95).
  • Print the trunk show exclusives for the month and mention them in your group hello. Also, make sure you print a list of sale items. Review the product alert list before your show. There are some items that could be on back order and it's best to let your customer know when they are placing their order in case they would like to choose something else.
  • You can also print a product price list that has pictures and names so it is easier for you to answer pricing questions. That way you don't have to leaf through the look books to find the name, price.
  • Make sure you have a mirror or your hostess has a mirror.
  • Have hostess packets available. Anyone who is planning on hosting should get a folder or envelope with a look book, order forms, trunk show planner and stylist opportunity brochure.
  • It is nice to leave a thank you behind for the hostess to discover after you have left. It can be anything you want. I usually leave a note, a polishing cloth or shower sponge, a few pieces of candy and maybe $1 hand soap from Bed Bath and Beyond. Some people will make a bouquet out of suckers and a note.
  • Get in the habit of doing a group hello. I know it is uncomfortable, but it will get easier! Practice saying it over and over in your own way. Introduce yourself, tell them why got you started in the biz, set your time parameters- when you will be packing up, talk about the flat rate shipping and acceptable methods of payment (mc, visa, amex), do a style session (ex. stacked wrist, layered look, intro on new bag line), point out the trunk show specials, mention we are hiring and that you would love to chat with anyone who is interested in learning more about doing what you do or hosting a show to get all of the items on their wish list. There is a group hello by Jessica Herrin, herself, in the lounge you can watch.
  • Last but not least... get guests to your show! Get them excited about the jewels and bags!

Who do you know???


I want all of you to sit down and start writing out who you know... You know more people than you think you do. This list will keep evolving as your meet more and more new people as well. Start here:





C-community (church, clubs, etc.)

K-kid's connections

Start reaching out... Hand out or send them a mini look book or Summer look book in the mail. Let them know you wanted to share the exciting news that you joined Stella and Dot and to check out your website (provide web address). A few days after, email them, giving them two available dates and a theme (like Muffins and Mimosa or Bling and Bubbly) for a trunk show. Send a follow up email, text or call them to pick a date. Don't be discouraged. You will get one yes for every 10 attempts. Many people will say no for now. Keep them on your list and revisit later. They may say "maybe Fall", so follow up in the fall, or now is not a good time, so follow up in a few months when the next line launches. Be patient with yourself! Put in consistent time and the rewards will come!

Team News!

As a team we have 10 shows booked for May! I am so excited! Mallory is launching 5/5 and has two other shows booked!!! Stacia is launching 5/11! Susan has three shows booked to get her business going as well! I have 3 shows so far. I am working to book at least two more. Let's see what we can do this month girls! If any of you book and hold four trunk shows this month, I will send you a poof! Who is going to do it? My goal is to at least promote to Senior Stylist this month. So, I need to personally sell $1,539 (1000 pcv). As a group, our goal is $6,154 (4000 gcv). Totally doable!

So exciting! Well, that is all for now! I thought I would try this new flyer. I think I love it!

Happy Booking!