Madison Collins

Internal or External?

Motivation is mostly internal because it means that the person completes a task not only for the physical reward but mainly because they like the activity and just want the accomplishment of doing something that is right. Doing the right thing is what great leaders and motivational people are best at.


Get the job done not by not getting rewards or gold stars, stickers, prizes or anything rewarding, mainly just because they enjoy what they do and they don't need and reward from it.

Class Discussion

During class we watched the movie Miracle and Herb who was the head coach led the team to a great victory by his great leadership skills. Not only did he want the olympic title but knew he pushed the boys because it was the right thing, not to see them get sick but to improve their skills. This shows how he used internal motivation while coaching them in hockey and knew right from the start what the goal was and how to take the steps to achieve it.


-Someone who was a great internal motivational leader would help out at a soup kitchen or coach a sports team for the fun of it and opportunity to help other people, not for the money it would pay

-The desire to learn and understand is what drives internal motivation

-It could also be someones personal goal as an example of internal

-Feeling of accomplishment and feeling good about yourself is a great example as well as attending a new class to became better at the subject and improve ones skills