"Captain John Yossarian"...

By: Kadre' Rasheed

Loyal Or Liar?

Captain John Yossarian in his exploits as a pretty successful bombardier (which is a member of a fighter plane crew that is in charge of aiming and releasing bombs) in the Us Air Force during World War II . Yossarian has one wish: to survive the madness of war. He's convinced that everyone is targeting him, which is pretty understandable seeing how he's fighting in a war, where fighting and getting rid of the enemy is common . Yossarian has to survive the dangerous combat missions he flies, while Colonel Cathcart continues to increase the number of missions his men must complete ( Every time captain completes a number of missions, Cathart continues to increase the numbers he has left). Fearing his life in the war, Captain continues to lie saying that he has a liver disease which will prevent him to go on another mission that Colonel Cathcart schedules for him.