By: Mohit Pandey, An Environmentalist


The Oil Sands aren't as beneficial as we think; here is my favourite myth that most people think is true:

The Oil Sands are very beneficial towards the economy because of all the jobs it creates; Stephen Harper's government seem to think this is true or a good enough excuse to tell the public, so they can go party with the oil company CEO's while we are forced to believe this garbage.

In a report done in 2013 by Clean Energy Canada it showed that they produced around 23,700 jobs, where as the oil sands produced around 22, 340. However, it seems that the number of clean energy jobs are much higher all around because these stats are only on private sectors. This also excludes the addition of the many thousands of jobs in hydro electricity.

Oil Sands Rate

The Oil Sands in general, is the largest industrial project in the history of humans and is said to be the most destructive. The oil sands mining releases that of three times as more carbon dioxide than regular oil production and is said to become the only industrial/largest factor in North America for climate change.

The Oil Sands are also the second major cause of deforestation with Amazon Rainforest Deforestation being the first. By 2018 approved projects will produce three million barrels of oil and for each barrel a minimum of five barrels of water are used.

It has also affected many people's lives. When small towns let Oil Sand companies mine, they need to expand the town to make houses, schools, stores and etc. for the workers and their families. Water sources will be polluted which can lead to many diseases such as cancer and will ultimately make running water not an option for residents in the town and the hydro companies suffer a loss. The First Nations Aboriginals are also suffering because of this considering how they use the rivers not only for water and other hygienic purposes but also for food to catch fish. If the fish are affected by the pollution then the Aboriginals are too.

Oil Sands Pipelines

Obama's decision to veto the Keystone XL Oil Sands Pipeline was (if not his only) his smartest decision he's made as president. It will benefit everyone, even the Oil Companies, maybe not financially but in other ways for sure. The process would just be pollution after pollution:

  1. Extract resources from the North
  2. Refine Crude Oil in Alberta
  3. Send through pipeline
  4. Have USA consumers use it
  5. Dump in Gulf of Mexico to make it more polluted (Yes it's possible)

However Canada extracting oil just makes it worse for the countries in war because of oil such as Iraq, Iran, Venezuela and etc.