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November 19, 2019

State of the Chromebooks

I happened to open a couple carts this week that had come back to C133, and I found

  • about half of them upside down
  • some in the wrong numerical spot
  • some of them unplugged and not charging

Please do a quick visual before you turn the carts in, and make the kids fix it. That is how they will learn to do it correctly.

Missing: A&M cart computer #1 is missing. If you see it, please return it to us!

Broken: None

Fixed: None

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12 Days of Innovation Summit

Hey guys, a great little Professional Learning opportunity is coming up and you can register now! This is PL in your PJs! You register, then starting Dec 3 they will email you once a day with great information and a video of the day's featured speaker. You watch on your own time. They also offer a certificate for you to document your learning. This will be a blazer Button, so hop on board!
12 Days of Innovation Introduction Video

Wolfram Alpha

Are you familiar with Wolfram Alpha? It is an "answer engine" or "computational knowledge engine" that uses artificial intelligence paired with a ton of curated data and information to answer questions. And there is something here for just about everyone. Culinary and Food science, health, mathematics, art, literature, science, music, and more! Check out the image below to see the main menu (but you can delve deeper than that). This can be a great resource for your students!

While it is not a vendor, there is plenty to be gained by accessing the free version of their site, so I invite you to explore what they have to offer at https://www.wolframalpha.com/

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