Thomas Tallis

by: iriana.judge

music he composed

- Lamentation

-Spem in Alium

-Salvatore mundi

-with all our heart

-Videte miraculum


(born c.1505- died November,23 1585 Greenwich, London)


it is believed that Thomas tallies was probably choirboy or child of the the chapel royal st. the same singing establish which he later went to as a man
Thomas Tallis - Lamentation
Spem in Alium by Thomas Tallis: Fifty Shades of Grey Seductive Soundtrack, Renaissance Choral Music

Fun facts

__almost all of his music is for singing without the music_most of his music was written for a church_

Spem amazing because it is written in 40 parts. This means that at least 40 voices are needed to sing it!



he decided to choose the musical career in 1532, he then went to London and he was appointed an organist at St Mary-le-Hill in Billingsgate. later in 1543 he was appointed a gentleman with the chapel royal which marked the real turning point in tallies life.