Come to our homeland Saturn!

Our World

 The rocks on this planet are made out of what used to be a moon! We think the moon broke and formed the ring around our home. The ring is very colorful. Our home is made of about 75% hydrogen and 25% helium and it also has rocks to.

Entertainment on our planet.

You can come and see our king Saturn he is the king of agrilculture. His name is this because in roman mythology Saturn is the king of agrilculture. You can also come and jump and slide down our ring rocks. You may think that sliding down rocks would hurt but it don't. You can come to our hydrogen swimming we also have swimming lessons. You can also jump on our helium trampoline.
Planets Around a Star Song

Places to stay

Be sure you come on a Saturday because on Saturday we celebrate Saturn because Saturn is roman for Saturday. If you don't have a place to stay, well not a problem because you can come find one of my alien friends to stay with. They are very nice all of them are.

How you get here

You can get here by flying to the moon then go around it. After you go around the moon you head for the largest planet Jupiter. Then you pass Jupiter and there you are you are at Saturn.