The Goddess Of Hearth & Home

Hestia's Parents

Hestia's parents names were Cronus & Rhea.Cronus had swallowed Hestia at birth, and got saved by Zeus last.

Brothers & Sisters

Hestia had 8 people in her family.Cronus and Rhea were her parents,Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon were her brothers,Demeter and Hera were her sisters, and there was Hestia.

Marriage & Children

Hestia talked to her brother Zeus, she didn't want any atention from men at all, so she vowed to remain a Virgin forever.Zeus accepted her vow.So she is not married and doesn't have children.

Weapon Of Choice

Hestia did not believe in in violence, such as wars or weapons she was a very peaceful person.

Sacred Symbol

The Hearth Symbol is Hestia's Sacred Symbol.


Hestia was believed to be the Hearth for Mount Olympus and the Gods and Goddesses at Olympus.

Intresting Facts

Hestia was one of three goddesses to the influence of Aphrodite. She could not be forced to love anyone. In Rome, a similar goddess, Vesta, ruled over the group of priestesses called the Vestal Virgins whose duty it was to keep the sacred fire perpetually lit.


She remained a virgin, which some may have considered a special power. Other than this, however, she had no special powers to speak of.

Backround Stories

hearth as a physical object, and the seperating of community . In classical Greek art, sometimes as a woman, simply and modestly judged . Sometimes shown with a staff in hand or by a large fire


Hestia has no major skills or hobbies.

Roman Name

Hestia's roman name is Vesta.