One Room School House

Port Republic School #7, in Southern Maryland


In this one-room school house the students sat at wooden desks, read from red and tan McGruffy Readers, wrote on slates, and ate from tin lunch pails. There was also an iron chunk stove in the middle of the room.

The Children

One teacher taught seven grades at a time. The room would be so full that students had to sit along the teacher's platform or cram themselves in between the desks.


In 1932 the school closed. In 1976 teachers restored Port Republic School #7. On July 24, 1977 the school bell rang once more.

Would I like to attend this school?

I don't think I would like to have attended this school. Mostly because it was too crowded, but also because I don't think I would have gotten a very good education. One teacher can't teach seven grades and have all the children get a very good education. I like the way school is set up now, with every age group in a different grade. It gives me a better chance of getting a relationship with my teacher(s) and I now have the opportunity to get extra help if needed.