How to Flip & Blend Your Classroom

Using Office 365


Use the video linked here to make your own Playposit.

1. Log into Playposit using your Office 365 account.

2. Click on Design, and then paste your video url.


3. Begin creating your video.

*For future reference visit this site for detailed how-to's in making & assigning a Playposit video.

Click here to download Office Mix Add-in

Download the Office Mix Add-in for your school or home computer. **You DO NOT need to download on this computer today.

Office Mix - Your Turn

1. Open Powerpoint in downloaded version. Create a three frame PowerPoint that contains the following:

- title slide

- content slide

- closure slide

2. Select "Mix" in the Powepoint ribbon.

- Slide recording

- Add Questions (Lab Office Add-ins)

- Add video

- Upload and/or Publish

Class Notebook - Your Turn (Student View)

1. Open up the Class Notebook for Training (linked above)

2. Discuss Content Library, Collaboration Space, and Student Space

3. View sample lesson in Content Area

4. Collaborate in the Collaboration Space

5. Session Reflection in Student Space


1. Go to your waffle in Office 365.

2. Select the Class Noteboook tile.

3. Follow the prompts to setup your class(es).

4. Access the notebook through the OneNote tile in Office 365. (Students can also find the notebook in their "Shared with Me Folder" in OneDrive.)

Download Class Notebook Add-in Here

The Class Notebook Add-in works with the INSTALLED version of OneNote.

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