Persevering Through Adversities

One step at a time

What is perseverance?

Perseverance is the ability to continuously work to achieve something despite the adversities and hardships that may delay the success. No matter how many problems thay may come in somebody's way, they have the ability to keep going.

Winston Churchill-Sequence

Winston Churchill was a politician, writer, painter, and a well-known historical figure. He was born on November 30, 1874 in Blenheim Palace, Marlborough, England. During most of his childhood and adulthood, his parents were absent from his life. He was mostly independent in the early part of his life. He graduated from the Royal Military school all by himself in 1894. Then, as he became older, Winston showed determination and encouragement. For example, in the paragraph "Becoming a Politician", Churchill became a famous author and a war hero. He also started his long political career in 1894 as he was invited to run for Parliament. Even though he lost his MP seat and was temporarily out of the government in 1945, he did not stop. After that, he showed a great amount of perseverance and resilience and overcame these adversities. He got right back up and ran as PM again later in 1951.He also displayed his determination when he was diagnosed with acute appendicitis and suffered through multiple strokes. Despite these medical issues, Sir Winston Churchill never quit. He adhered to his passion of politics. Churchill was very well-known for his famous speech, “Blood, Toil, Tears, and Sweat.” This very speech helped encouraged the British Army to keep fighting and triumph over the unconquerable Nazi Germany. During this time, he also joined together with the United States and the Soviet Union. Unfortunately, after that, in 1965, he passed away after a stroke. Even though he is not alive today, Winston’s pieces of art and writing are known all over the world til this date.

Kudos to Kid President-Description

Robby Novak, mainly known as Kid President, is an optimistic and positive kid. With his warm attitude, it is almost impossible to know what he is actually going through. Robby has a lifetime disease called osteogenesis. This rare brittle bone disease can be caused due to the bones not having the normal amount of collagen needed to make the bones. There are many things that this disease can damage. For example, Osteogenesis causes bones to become sensitive and causes fractures when the littlest bumps and falls occur. Robby has had to endure about 70 fractures in his bones. Not only does Robby have this disease, his sister, Lexi is also suffering through this disease. They both take infusions to help their bones reduce the pain and fractures caused. Robby and Lexi have been taking their infusions since 2004. Despite these adversities, Robby has managed to suffer through this disease and thrive by making YouTube videos to encourage others to also become positive. He remains positive about others and he wants to make everybody in this world happy. One of Kid President's famous quotes, “What will you create that will make the world more awesome?” The quote inspires everybody to try new things and thrive in life. Robby wants us to be extraordinary and go the extra mile to prosper in life. He wants us to fight the adversities and become stronger and happier.

Lady Jags Win the Game of Life-Problem/Solution

Carroll Academy in Tennessee, is a disciplinary school for girls who have dropped out of high school or for those who have been court-ordered to attend. Girls are required to learn the curriculum and play basketball. Some of the girls have never played basketball before. The girls on the team, Lady Jags, are all those who have problems in their own lives. Some problems are like: alcohol/drug abuse, neglecting parents, anger issues, and criminal charges in the past. These problems caused the girls to falter.The coaches solve this problem by trying to instill self discipline and confidence in the girls. The girls playing together as a team helps provide a “family” for those whose parents have been absent from their lives. Despite these many difficulties that they have faced, the girls have gained more confidence and self discipline. No matter how many losses they have encountered, the real objective was to incorporate the learned skills in real life. For example, in the video, Losing to Win, Hayley was diagnosed bipolar disorder and had depression. She overcame this adversity by controlling her anger through basketball and never erupted in anger. After her successful season, she was very surprised and joyful because she had learned something so important. She said, “He didn’t just teach us basketball. He taught us life lessons through basketball.” This explains the triumph Hayley earned after the basketball season was over. No matter how many losses they had, it didn’t affect them. All that was important was ready they were to start their life again. The real game is played in life, and the girls were ready to succeed.


Perseverance has helped many people achieve their goals. Some have faced life-threatening adversities. Yet, they still carry on. People today can learn from other's mistakes to prevent them from happening again. They could also be inspired to carry on from people that persevered. It can also encourage people to try their best.

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