Ha Long Bay

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where is it located?

Ha Long Bay is in the gulf of Tonkin, north east of Vietnam. it is 165 km away from the capital of Ha Noi. its exact location is E106°56' to E107°37' and from N20°43' to N21°09.

Why is it a popular tourist destination

Ha Long Bay is a popular tourist destination for its beautiful sea scape, and its magnificent caves, islands and limestone pillars. Ha Long Bay is seen as one of the natural wonders of the world; Most of the island are inhabited by humans, there for the islands are not being damaged.

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Ha Long Bay consists of over 1600 islands and islets which are thickly forested. the climate for Ha Long Bay is tropical, and experiences large amounts of rainfall in the summer (May to August). The winter is usually cold with little rainfall with the average weather coming up to 16-18 degrees. Ha Long Bay has been protected by the Cultural Heritage Law, the Bio-Diversity Law, the Tourism Law, the Environmental Protection Law, the Fishery Law and Marine Transport Law to preserve the natural environment.


  • how long have these protection laws been active?
  • why do people enjoy Ha Long Bays environment?
  • what if these protection laws didn't exist? would Ha Long Bay still be the same.
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Many tourist come to Ha Long Bay for the stunning beaches and spectacular islets and caves. Ha Long Bay is also one of the wonders of the world which obviously would attract many tourist. being such a popular tourist destination there are many businesses that support this, such as ferries or boat transportation. A few popular destinations at Ha Long Bay include Titop island, Ba Ham Lake, Bo Nau cave, Dau go cave and Cong Do island.


  • how many tourist go to Ha Long Bay each year?
  • why else would tourist come to Ha Long Bay
  • what if tourist are ruining the site


In 1937 Swedish and French archaeologist spent months traveling throughout Ha Long bay discovering stone artifacts such as axes, archaeologist are still continuing their research.

There is also a legend about how Ha Long Bay was created states that the 'Jade Emperor' sent down the 'Mother dragon' when invaders were approaching on ships, the dragon then shot pearls out of its mouth that turned into the islets and islands so the ships would crash into them.


  • how many artifacts have been discovered so far?
  • why is there a legend about how Ha Long Bay was created
  • what if there are still parts of Ha Long Bay that has not been discovered? like new caves ect..


by making this brochure I have discovered how to use SHEEPT and how to ask questions appropriate to the topic. What I personally found interesting about Ha Long Bay is the legend of how it was created, and just in general the amazing sea sides I have seen in so many pictures.