Texas Tech University

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There are three types of rooms available: shared rooms with move able furniture, shared rooms with built in furniture, and apartments/suites. Your dorm will be located next to the building where most of your classes are; each student living building is designed for a different major, so you'll be surrounded by people who share your interest.There is wireless internet in all rooms, and mini fridges as well.

On the right you'll see a dorm room with move able furniture.


The University is about 8 hours(by car) from Houston. Its far enough away from your parents, but still close enough for easy visits home. It's located in Lubbock Texas, around the panhandle. Also, there are a vast amount of restaurants available on and around campus for great eating.


Texas Tech has a huge amount of activities that tailor to everyone's personalities. They range from skydiving and improv comedy all the way to law and architecture groups. All sports and social clubs are ready for the recently graduated high schoolers to come. There is guaranteed to be a club that matches your interest; sororities and fraternities and located on the campus as well.

Largest student leisure pool in the United States

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Other than the dorms, there is minimal parking. Buses run every ten minutes, and they are installing new bike racks. If you are a good fast walker then bring your tennis shoes. Walking is possible, but very extensive.

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To the left you have the Texas Tech leisure pool. It has a 645 ft. long lazy river, water slide, tanning pool, water basketball and volleyball courts, a poolside cafe, and is available for all students.
By: Emma Walker and Yasmin House