The Ripple Effect Program

Healthy Humans require Healthy Habits

Join our weekly Meet Up ~ learn to live in the presence of today

Join our weekly meet up group if you are someone who is searching for a more mindful way of living in the now. Conducting our lives with this concept of living in the now becomes extremely important especially when we find ourselves amid many of life’s challenges such as caring for our elderly parents, loving someone who is self-destructing, having a job that is draining the life out of you, balancing children, marriage, work, and life… I could keep on going but you get the point.

We open this group up to all who are looking for a new way to learn self-improvement skills, or to find hope when everything feels hopeless, or simply to create a fellowship with other peace seekers. We all know our healthy habits (or lack thereof) can only be changed when we grow a desire within ourselves to make that change. Healthy Humans REQUIRE Healthy Habits. Just as our physical bodies need regular maintenance (eating, exercise, breathing) so do our minds. If we want to KEEP it on the right track, it requires regular maintenance.

I want to give you a peek into how my passion to help others understand this concept has taken over me and how I want to share it with the world. Through my challenges of loving my addict daughter, I became extremely lost, frantic, irritable, and had gone to a very dark place. I was on heavy doses of anti-depressants, I took a leave of absence from my job and admitted myself into an outpatient treatment program, and I have been through countless therapy, counseling and group sessions. I was searching desperately to find a way to fix all the problems my daughter was having. The only place left I could think to go was to an Al Anon meeting where other parents who have a child or children with an addiction go to see what they are doing to fix their addicts. As you can imagine, over time I learned that my focus was on the wrong person. Instead what I found was a fellowship of awesome people who shared similar stories, circumstances and wisdom and gently reminded me that I must put my own oxygen mask on first, before I can do any good anywhere else.

Making myself go to a meeting that I really never thought I would need nor even wanted to go in the first place was the one and only thing that saved me from my deep despair. I spent the first 7 years of my daughter’s addiction trying to work it out my way before I finally brought myself to this type of group. Today I am in a beautiful place with my daughter and can navigate the challenges with a little more ease and peace, and now I WANT to keep going to these meetings because of the healing and insight the program and the people who attend offer. You see, every once in a while, my story can provide others with a little bit of hope, but mostly I keep going because I ALWAYS get great nuggets of wisdom from the people working the program! And as a result, a passion has ignited inside of me to help others find a place of hope and fellowship.

Our weekly meetings are open now on every single Monday night going forward from 6:30PM to 8:30PM at my house (please RSVP for the address). I hope to expand this program into the digital world one day but for now this is what I can offer. I’m certain you can’t make every meeting, but our prayer is that you know you have a place to go when the going gets tough. My desire is to help take people through a program that can help them find their way out of darkness and into an abundant life, despite the circumstances and challenges in the world around them. When we begin to find ways to keep our minds healthy and maintain that healthy mindset, only then can we begin the ripple effect outward and bring hope, healing, and serenity to others.

Imagine a world filled with humans with a healthy mindset… if we dream it, it will come! I can’t wait to see you at any or every Monday night Ripple Effect meet up.

With Faith, Hope & Love,

Cindy Fox & Sandy Fair

Tie Dye Butterfly, LLC

The Ripple Effect Program

My fellow humans,

It's my deep desire to help you live from the inside out! I have found that once I learned how to do that, I have been able to navigate the challenges that surrounded me in my life with more ease and serenity and I encourage everyone to get in touch with their inner selves. Through regular actions you can take that will change your mindset and eventually your life, you too can live a happy and abundant life. I am so very grateful for this journey where I can give back in a truly meaningful way and for each and every single one of you! XO