Problems in the Media

By: Clare Rice

My Problem:

The problem I found in the media, specifically social media, was cyber bullying.

What Is Cyber Bullying?

  • Mean texts or emails
  • Rumors on social media
  • Posting embarrassing pictures or videos of someone else
  • Fake profiles

Is Cyber Bullying Different Then Regular Bullying?

Yes, it actually is. This bullying can happen 24/7 and reach the victim even when they are alone. The messages and pictures are able to be posted anonymously and quickly. Deleting these messages or pictures can be difficult.

Why Is This A Problem?

  • 43% of kids have been bullied online
  • 68% of teenagers agree that cyber bullying is a problem
  • 58% of kids admit that someone has been mean or rude to them online

Effects of Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullied children are more likely to:

  • Use drugs
  • Skip school
  • Be bullied in person
  • Be afraid to go to school
  • Receive poor grades
  • Have a lowered self-esteem
  • Develop more health problems


As soon as someone begins to cyber bully you, consult a parent or trusted adult.

GET AWAY FROM THE MEDIA! Remove yourself or ignore the person bullying you.

Tell an administrator or teacher at school.

Set your accounts on social media to private. Don't give out any personal information and don't have it listed on your account.


  • Cyber bullying is a real problem in the media
  • It happens to thousands of kids everywhere
  • Although this is a large problem, it has many solutions
  • Tell someone you trust and remove yourself from that person and the media