Single Pringle and Ready to Mingle!

Priya Ramprabhu

About Me

Me- Hey there! My name is Camelidaea but I am commonly known

as “that alpaca”. I am a really awesome gal. Men usually alpaca their bags and

try to leave me but I never let this happen (I’m not crazy, I swear!). One thing you should know about me is that I am a Mammal. This means that I am endothermic and am “warm blooded”. I also have the ability to perform live birth (it’s quite a show) and feed my young. I also have four legs and I enjoy using them. Here are a few reasons why you should date me. Reason numer one, I'm super hot. Reason number 2, she's super not. Reason number three, I'm all you got and all you got is someone hot! Hurry and call me now before its too late and its the alpaclypse.

About You

You- You are a total snake charmer. I like scaley skin and i really hiss you were here with me now. You fall under the catagorey of Reptiles. You have dry scaley skin and four or no legs. You are also ectothermic or "cold-blooded". You might scientificly be cold blooded, but you are very warm on the inside(I hope).