The Great Depression of 1929-1939

Mac Gordon McCartney

Leaders And Cause

The leaders in the Great Depression were Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Herbert Hoover, and Congress. The cause of the Depression was that the bank would let people called loaners, well, loan money from other people called depositors, people who submit money into the bank. The problem was, those loaners either purposely didn't pay back the loans or couldn't pay back the money because they were in debt or bankrupt. So, once the New York Stock Market Crash of 1929 news was spread, people, the depositors, rushed to their bank to retrieve what was left of their savings.

Geography, The Dust Bowl, And Other Interesting Facts

Cities during the tragedy were hot the hardest because of the lack of food coming from farms. The Dust Bowl during the Great Depression was caused because of a drought in the Great Plains, or states such as Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, or Texas. A drought so an element where no water seems to or doesn't appear for a certain period of time. This drought caused tons of dust and dirt to ascend, making the air foggy-like and even worsened health, especially to ill people. The Dust Bowl caused many deaths and many inhabitants immigrated from their origins in the Great Plains to either the east or the West. The Great Depression lasted from 1929-1939- a decade! World War II brought America out of the Depression because America started producing and selling weaponry and equipment to the other Allied Nations to support them winning the war- just like the First World War!