Giver Society vs our Society

By: Eli


The Giver is a book written in 1993 about a future where people live in Utopias. They have no freedom unlike our society where we would die for freedom. They have no choice over anything, not clothes, food, work, or marriage. And no one has emotion but two people, the Giver and Receiver. They hold all the memories from the past and pass them down to others receivers so the council will have aid in making decisions. In their society everything is the same except jobs and a few small things like hair color but since they can't see color it doesn't matter.

Different Societies

Our Society

In our society freedom is key. Soldiers fight and die for others and their freedoms. Sometimes even wars can break out because of freedom. Another thing key to our society is color. We take color for granted without realizing how much of a gift it is. Finally our society revolves around emotion. We fight because of anger. We honor our elders death because of sadness. We marry because of love. Without emotion our society may seem clean and efficient but it would be corrupt on the inside, just like the givers society.

Givers Society

In the Givers society there is no difference just sameness. There is no terrain, weather or colors. Only black and grey. The givers society only has 2 people with a concept of our living, the Giver and the receiver. They hold all of the memories of the past. Sadly the Giver society there are lots of secret flaws like pills that remove stirrings or emotion and instead of death they have release where they inject you with poison and say you are going elsewhere.

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