Tributes to first Minister,Mr Lee

Mr Lee and his contributions to Singapore

Lee Kuan Yew, 1923 - 2015

Mr Lee Kuan Yew fought for self-Government from our British colonial masters and later led Singapore into merger with Malaysia believing that this was the best option for Singapore’s future. When merger did not work out, he took Singapore out of Malaysia and built a nation from nothing during our most difficult years.

He built up a strong defence capability to protect our sovereignty, a vibrant economy which created good jobs, a sound education system and excellent infrastructure, housing and environment. He transformed Singapore from a Third World to First World country.

The way he went about his work also mattered – he was meticulous, persistent, with tremendous drive and spirit, never quitting. He also saw to the continued success of Singapore beyond him through leadership succession.

While Singapore is celebrating 50 years of independence, now is a sad moment for the entire nation for the leaving of Mr Lee Kuan Yew. Although he has left the physical world, his wealth of wisdom is a valuable legacy for us. As a tribute to him, I would like to relate his styles of governing the nation with the investment world, many similarities which we could learn from him to be a successful investor and contribute to the nation in a positive way.

Most people would agree that Warren Buffett is the most successful investor in the world. However, in my opinion, Mr Lee is the Ultimate Investor because Warren Buffett is only good in choosing good stocks or businesses, benefiting a small group of rich shareholders, but Mr Lee could transform a poor nation without much natural resources (as if a penny stock) into a developed country (as if a blue chip) in the last 50 years. More importantly, Mr Lee’s dedication to his only life investment, Singapore, not only benefiting 5 millions people living now, but also for many generations to come.

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