Percy Jackson

The Greek gods

Who is Percy Jackson

Percy jakson he is a child who has ADHD and dyslexia lives with his mother Sally and his stepfather Gabe , who used to Percy and his mother tyranny and violence Manhattan . percy jakson he child with dyslelexia and ADHD has a lot potential , and 'outsude the boxs thinkers'.

Percy Jackson discovers that he is son of a Greek god

Supposedly problematic skin, one day discovers that he was a Greek god, Poseidon. During the five books Percy goes much vacillation, on a personal level, as well as wars of Greek mythology. He discovers that the enemy of the gods, the Titan Kronos, want to destroy Olympus to the ground. Cronus managed to recruit many halved war and awards, as one of the most important gods, very central role in the war. Percy discovers the prophecy that tells of a descendant of one of the three halved the great gods (Zeus, Poseidon and Hades), when he will be 16 years, he will save or destroy the Olympians with the world. The exact wording of the prophecy revealed to him only at the beginning of the fifth book, just days before its sixteenth birthday. Finally Prizes must decide the decision to save or destroy Olympus.

Greek god Zeus

The chief god Zeus, the supreme ruler on Olympus (the residence of the gods), ruler of the universe, in charge of the weather thunder and lightning is also to law and justice that keeps cities and assemblies.

Zeus strongest of all gods, the gods tremble him.

Zeus actually created from the merger of several gods together.

Zeus and his brothers drew lots to divide between them the universe, the sea fell to Poseidon, Hades the myrtle, and Zeus became supreme ruler.

Zeus symbols are:

Breastplate and shield awesome.

The oak tree was his.

The bird - an eagle.

Greek god Poseidon

Poseidon is important to Olympic. Is the brother of Zeus and Hades. And His name means "Lord of the earth" and indeed is associated with myths. He is best known as the sea as water .hoa was related to violent natural phenomena such as earthquakes and mountain formation.