Ayn Rand

Who is she?

Ayn Rand's Early Life

She was born February 2, 1905 and passed away March 6, 1985. She was born and raised in Russia. She also went to school in Russia. She began to write when she was only eight years old. She first came to America in 1925, during the fall. She came to visit family in New York. She has two novels that are well known. They are, The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged.

How have life experiences reflect her writing and schooling.

She was inspired at the age of nine to become a writer. She was inspired by Victor Hugo's novels. When the war started in Russia her family decided it was best for them to move to Cimea, where Ayn finished high school.

Some of her novels...

For a while she was writing nonfiction and fiction stories. Her books had to do with "the philosophy of living on earth." Her books were about politics, aesthetics, the theory of knowledge and ethics. Her first book was published in 1943 after being turned down by twelve publishers. The book that was first published, was The Fountainhead.
Ayn Rand - The Fountainhead (Part 1)

What is her philosophy?

Objectivism, the basic fact that "existing exist." She wants to believe that a fact is a fact and that makes it real. For example, she doesn't believe in God. The reason she doesn't believe in god is because, she can't see God, she can't talk to god, there aren't any true facts that say God is real.
Ayn Rand - Faith vs Reason

Why do some people hate Ayn Rand?

Some articles said that the reason some people may hate her is because, they don't understand her, therefore they just judge her. Ayn Rand tells people to be who they want to be. But with doing that people think she is calling them selfish or greedy, but all she is really doing is telling people not to go against their own nature. People also hate the way she talks about social statuses, she uses words like, "egoism" "selfishness" "greed".
By: Dina Angelis