Baseball: An Evolving History

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Games that Evolved into baseball

  • Lots of games evolved into the game of Baseball
  • One example is cricket
  • Their used to be a lot of versions of baseball. For example, Town Ball, American Cricket and Rounders.

Players that shaped the game

  • Jackie Robinson: The first african american to break the color barrier in the National League. Played 2nd base.
  • Cy Young: One of the first dominant pitchers. Won 511 games. But lost 221. Both are a record.
  • Babe Ruth: Probably the most well known baseball player. He was the first person ever to hit home runs consistently. His home run record was 60. The previous by "Home Run" Baker was 12.

Parts of the game in the old days

  • One of the weirdest old rules was after someone scored they had to ring a bell or else the score did not count.
  • Another is you had to hit it low and not very hard or you were out.
  • Also they wore wool uniforms. In the summer that would be like wearing a winter coat.