Who let the lobos out

Bricia Lira

Wildlife conservation.

Wildlife conservation is were a person will protect a certain species. You will need a degree in animal science ect, and basically you will keep a number on invasive species, wildlife herds, the number of plants in a area, the number of animals in herds. Basically you are the protecter of the plants and animals. Wildlife Conservation is also where you will maintain an herds number and take the birth rate for that herd, you also will have to maintain where these animals go and just make sure they don't leave a given area.

The Mexican Gray wolf.

The Mexican Gray wolf is one those that we are keeping an eye on to make sure its number increases instead of decreasing. We have places where they are working constantly to bread and get theses babies to where they can grow and bring up the numbers. This year they have let 11 lobos out in wild to add to these numbers. There were 58 in the Texas, Arizona, New Mexico area. Now there About 69 or more out roaming these areas. The Mexican Gray wolf is the smallest subspecies of gray wolves and can weigh 57-81 pounds and hight of these animals is about 60 centimeters (the size of a German Shepherd.) These wolves do not cope real well when the temperature starts to change fast, so this maybe the reason for their vanishment. Also if we quit trapping and shooting these animals it will rise there population and will help maintain some populations of animals like wild boars.

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Why do we need to stop building.

If we keep building the way we are we will lose almost all wildlife because there will be no where for them to roam. I don't think you want a lion roaming in your front yard so therefor it might be best for us to conserve what we have so we don't lose these animals.