Mrs. Maloney's Kindergarten News

October 9th

Initial & Final Word Sounds

This week the students practiced finding the initial and final sounds in what we call CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) words. They practiced reading these words and blending the sounds together as well as listening to the words and writing the letters they hear at the beginning and end. This is the first step in reading bigger words.

Skills Learned This Week


This week the students worked on measurement skills. We learned the vocabulary words length, height, and weight. We also learned how to compare two or more objects and use words such as longer, shorter, taller, heavier, and lighter to describe them.


This week the students talked about the different things that writers write. Then we got a chance to be writers ourselves by creating our very own invitations to a make-believe party. We discussed what our invitation needed and added our words and illustrations. We also learned how to write a thank you letter. We discussed the important parts and each used what we learned to write a thank you letter to Kuiper's Farm.

Daily 5

This week the students learned how to make a choice and practice their personal stamina for read to self and word work. We also began our third part of daily five: listen to reading. We learned the goals and how to use our radio and CDs. We also learned how to complete our work to show we listened to the whole story and practiced as a group to build our stamina for listening.


This week the students talked about the similarities and differences of ice and water. We even discovered that ice is made from water. We did an ice melting experiment and made predictions, observed the results and drew pictures to show what happened. It was lots of fun!

Social Studies

This week the students learned about an American icon, Johnny Appleseed. First we looked at pictures and predicted who he was and why he was important. Next the students had the opportunity to watch a movie and listen to stories about Johnny Appleseed. We went back to our predictions and discovered that some of them were true! Finally we ended the week with a fun project!

Kuiper's Farm Field Trip

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