Harper Lee

By.Correy Coleman


Harper lee was noticed by making a bestseller "to kill a mocking bird" in the 2000's.She was born in Monroeville,Alabama.Also she was born on April the 28 1926 and died on February 19 2016 this year! She very similar to s.e Hinton both authors/novelist. In 1926 she finally finished her prize position book sequeal "go set a watchmen".
my topic harper lee is just like when she this year. She was sleeping at the meadows and slowly died. She also made a sequel on "go set a watchman". It was a big hit in the 1960's. Also made a another book but in the 2000's called "to kill a mocking bird'.


My topic Harper Lee was a very important person in the 1960's. She made a sequel in 2015. But died in 2016 which means she wasn't able to finish it and is still raising money. Also has some very interesting books but only sold two of them. Every book she has published is in the best seller. Student are still using her books in j.r high.

*She died in 2016 February at 89.

*To kill a mocking bird washer first novel.

*She has become a multi millionaire.

*Harper Lee's full name is Nelle Harper Lee.

*Four million copies of 'to kill a mocking bid have been sold.