The Piney Woods

Located near the Prairies & Lakes region & the Gulf Coast

By Cory Shanks 6th period Toney 12/2/15

Outdoor activities to do in the Piney Woods

There are several outside activities to do in the Piney Woods! You can go fishing (if there is a lake near you) you can also camp, hike and hunt for ducks! So whatever you want to do, go outside and enjoy it!

Historical information about Piney Woods

Native Americans, Frernch soldiers, Spanish missionaries, African Americans and settlers from all of the world have called East Texas home, too. Caddo Indians also lived in the Northeastern part of Pineywoods. They made pottery, farmed land for food and traded with other Mound Builder tribes.

National Parks at Pineywoods

One national park is called the Big Thicket. Some even call it the "biological crossroads of America." The Big Thicket has so many diversity of species and terrain and that's what makes it a special place.

Flora & Fauna in the Pineywoods ecoregion

There is so much diversity of organisms in the Pineywoods ecoregion. Some plants are Spanish moss, water lilies, longleaf, shortleaf and the bluejack plant. So animals are the white tailed deer, gray eastern squirrel, gray foxes, prairie king snakes and turkey vultures.

Land in the Pineywoods

The land in the Pineywoods pretty flat, but with a lot of biodiversity. There are many plants, trees, flower and animals. The ecoregion is full of life!

Sight seeing in the Pineywoods

There are very many things to see in the Pineywoods. The most popular things to see are the Ellen Trout Zoo- known for their variety of birds- the Mud Creek off road park- known for their RV hookups and the Crighton Theatre-built in 1934.

Climate in the Pineywoods

The Pineywoods are mostly warm all year round.

Climate in Fahrenheit

January: 47 degrees

February: 51 degrees

March: 58 degrees

April: 66 degrees

May: 73 degrees

June: 81degrees

July: 84 degrees

August: 84 degrees

September: 78 degrees

November: 68 degrees

December:57 degrees

Land marks in the Pineywoods

There aren't really any famous landmarks in the Pineywoods, but there is the Millard-Lee house. Now, it's not a nature land mark, but it marks history on the Pineywoods soil. The Miller-Lee house has very many things to do there! First off, you can go and explore the house and how they lived in the 1800s. Then they little stands and you read what's on them and they tell you what the room is used for and what tools they use and how they use them! It's just a great experience.