Why Should Mars Be Colonized?

Our future away from home!

Benefits of people from spin-off technology

Spin-off technology is a benefit to people now a days. Spin-off technology has helped us with our every day life. Sunglasses are one example of spin-off technology, sunglasses help us in our every day someone goes out in the sun these glasses protect our eyes from the suns rays.

Why Should We Colonize Mars?

Mars is our best hope for colonization becuase it has some Earth like similarities. Mars has some atmosphere, not as much as Earth's but good enough for colonization. There is about .13% of oxygen in its atmosphere. Its temperature on Mars is cold but with new technology from Mars One (A space organization) lets us stay warm. Weather in mars are a problem for its rageing Storms and for who knows whats there to come on Mars. Mars is also one of the closest rocky planets from Earth. Mars is about 54.6 million Kilometers from Earth as Venus is 42 million kilometers from earth, but Venus is to close to the sun for us to even get close to before we are burned alive from Venus' intense temperatures.There sun is about millions of times larger then ours. There sun is able to support 100s of other planets. Our sun is a main sequence and theres are a Red giant. Red giants are MUCH larger at a whopping 12.8 million kilometers wide. as our sun is not even half of that.

More Facts

The Space Ship

On the year 2024 the astronauts will launch to mars and land hopefully on mars on the year 2030s. It will take astronauts 1.9 years to make it to mars. It is larger than the rockets that are sent to the moon holding two or three times more fuel then the mission to the moon.

Crew members' training

Technical training: The astronauts will be required to learn many new skills and gain proficiency in a wide variety of disciplines. At least two astronauts must be proficient in the use and repair of all equipment in order to be able to identify and solve technical problems. The Astronauts will need to be able to work together with the other members. The Astronauts will also need to be calm in bad situations.

Other Earth like planets

Scientists have found other Earth like planets out into the vast universe such as Glisese and Kepler, But those planets are light years away from earth which would take about 72 years to travel. There are over 1000s planets out in the universe and some are over hundreds of light years away from our universes.