Mapping the road to your career

alondra gonzalez

Career goal-


short-term goal-

A goal I hope to achieve in the next 4 years of high school is…

to pass high school with a good GPA

Long-term goal-

A goal I hope to achieve in the next few years to help me achieve my career goals is…

get a scholarship that can pay my career and be the best psychologist there can be also i want to be a great example for my cousins who look up to me

Future Family

When I get my future job I wish I get my future family just how I want it a loving husband and father with a beautiful daughter and a handsome son or maybe two daughters or even two sons.I will work hard to give my kids everything they want I just don't want them to get their stuff and not say thank you also I want them to be as successful like mommy and daddy so their kids can be happy to have parents who love them and care for them.Also I want my kids to trust me and tell me everything they did good or bad.
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