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ASP.NET Web Development

Advantages Of ASP.NET Web Development

ASP.NET is a Microsoft technology and is a framework for developing dynamic web pages, web applications and web services. The technology comes as an excellent option for the development of corporate websites, content management systems, social networking sites and business websites. Besides this, web applications can also be created customized to business needs.

ASP.NET web development is extremely popular since its launch in 2002. The technology has seen many updates over a period of time and its current version ASP.NET 4.0 is from the family of Active Server Pages technology. The best part is that it hosts multiple enhancements from its previous versions.

Here are some of the major advantages of ASP.NET that it offers over other languages.

§ The biggest advantage is that it allows developers to dynamically edit the content on the page. This is the reason why it is so popular among developers.

§ The technology reduces the size of written code, making development easier with the available server controls along with user controls. The best part is that these controllers are inbuilt and there is no need to find or download them as external plug-ins.

§ As it is a purely server side technology, which executes the code on the server before sending it to the browser.

§ The technology is equipped for easy development of enterprise-class websites and applications. The plus point is that multiple operations can be performed simultaneously.

§ ASP.NET web development offers seamless flexibility on most browsers, especially internet explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

§ Previously, ASP.NET development and hosting was associated with high price levels; however, nowadays, there are numerous small hosting packages are available for small enterprises as well.

Outsourcing ASP.NET Development

If you have made up your mind for ASP.NET development, the next step is to decide whether to do this in-house or outsource it. The ideal way is to collaborate with a web development company, so that you can focus on your core business.

Outsourcing ASP.NET development comes as a better option because it reduces cost and you can make use of the knowledge and experience of expertise for your business website. Moreover, you can also avail a number of services such as testing, upgrading and maintenance.

The web development company offers you quick access to talented resources to work on your project. They also provide you with numerous hiring options such as hourly hiring, monthly hiring and contract basis hiring. You can choose any of the options depending upon the scope of your project. With this, you also have the choice to ramp up and ramp down the team size at any given point of time.

Outsourcing makes web development economical. However, if you further want to reduce the development costs, you can outsource the job to countries like India. There are numerous web development companies headquartered in the US with development centers in India.

ASP.NET development India can help you reduce the costs to a much extent. However, you need to ensure that you source a reputed web development company. Take your time and make in-depth research before you shortlist a company and enter into an agreement with it.

ASP.NET web development is an ideal option for big enterprises as well as small businesses. The technology allows dynamic web development and offers a lot of flexibility to developers. Businesses considering outsourcing the job can opt for ASP.NET development India to reduce the cost as well as to receive 24/7 support.

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