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Adult Education and Apprenticeship

Are you an adult interested in continuing your education? CATEC's Adult Education and Apprenticeship Program offers +100 in-person and online classes. Scholarships are available. Keep in touch with this program to learn more:

Director's Message

Spread the Word about CATEC

Dear CATEC Students and Families,

The week of November 14th was National Apprenticeship month. Did you know that 200+ CATEC students are apprentices? Apprenticeship is a hands-on, relevant educational opportunity for students to learn a skilled trade. Apprenticeships can last up to four years and result in a master-level certification in the skilled trade. At CATEC, students have the opportunity to begin pursuing an apprenticeship. We will connect them with an employer and support them through their first year. Once they graduate, they will have a year of apprenticeship under their belt. CATEC is full of opportunities for students and this is just one!

As we near the end of the calendar year, students will begin registering for their 2023-24 classes. Please help us spread the word that CATEC is a wonderful school with amazing opportunities for students. Hearing from students and parents that had a great experience can be very powerful!

The holiday season is coming and I am wishing all of our students and their families a wonderful break! I hope everyone has time to celebrate and enjoy fun traditions. We are looking forward to an amazing 2023!


Stephanie Carter

Schoolwide Information

Calendar Dates

December 2- Culinary Arts Program is giving out cookies and hot chocolate at the Toy Lift, located in the Fashion Square Mall parking lot

December 12- Adult Education & Apprenticeship Opportunity Fund Scholarship Form Due (see below for more information)

December 12-16- CATEC Winter Spirit Week

December 19- Winter Break Begins

January 3- School Resumes

CATEC Students are Professional: Workplace Readiness

CATEC values making sure students graduate with the technical skills and workplace skills necessary for entering the workforce. CATEC has implemented a "CATEC Students Are Professional" mantra to ensure students understand what it takes to be successful in our building and in the workforce. Students are expected to act in accordance with industry standards and practice the 22 21st Century Workplace Readiness Skills for the Commonwealth.

In November, students practiced skills related to conflict resolution. Additionally, students participate in monthly Career Development sessions where they practice skills needed to get jobs and keep them to create a lasting career.

CATEC Academics

CATEC offers academic courses that are both embedded in trade curricula and offered as stand-alone courses. Taking trade and academic courses at CATEC allows students more flexibility with their scheduling as well as learning class materials in authentic ways.

English 11 & English 12: Megan Panek

In English 11 students started their unit on the American Dream by watching the film The Greatest Showman and considering what skills and characteristics made P.T. Barnum successful as well as what faults almost led him to lose his dream. In English 12 students started their unit on marginalized stories by watching the film Race about Jesse Owens amazing performance at the 1936 Olympics. As they watched, they looked at the parallels between how certain groups of people were being targeted and marginalized both in Hitler’s Germany and in America. In December students will all be researching a person who persevered and achieved a dream despite obstacles. It could be an athlete, politician, musician, local personality or even someone from our own family. They will be writing and presenting a biography to our classmates.

US Government and English 12: David Topper and Megan Panek

Unit 2 is all about the judicial branch– both its powers and how it functions. To see it in action, students watched the film Just Mercy based on the autobiography by Bryan Stevenson, a lawyer who started the Equal Justice Initiative. This film will lead students into a research project in the month of December where students will research and argue for solutions to the issue of mass incarceration in America.

Economics and Personal Finance: David Topper

Students just wrapped their unit on savings and checking. In December they will move into learning about the benefits and dangers of credit. They will learn about different types of credit and how to protect themselves from falling into debt.

Geometry: John Baran

Geometry students have just completed their tool shed project in Carpentry. This project focused on the geometric concepts of surface are and composite figures. Using this concept students calculated the amount of roofing material needed as well as paint for exterior surfaces. The next project is a covered stand and students will look into various angles and their relationships.

AFDA: John Baran

AFDA students have been working through a unit on Coordinate Geometry. They started with segments, focusing on the segment addition postulate, to solve lengths. They are now moving in angles, focusing on angle-pair relationships, and also the angle addition postulate, to solve measures.

Profile of a CATEC Student

Each month, we introduce you to two current CATEC students. Here at CATEC, we know our student body is diverse and interesting and we want to share their stories with our community.

Anabella Boyle, Cosmetology 2

Anabella Boyle is a Western Albemarle High School student who is completing her second year in Cosmetology. She wanted to attend CATEC's Cosmetology program because she loves making people feel beautiful. She enjoys practicing her hair color skills and creating nail art. After she graduates she plans to begin her career as a hair stylist in a local salon and eventually own her own salon.

Zytrell Gladden-Williams, Auto Body Technology

Zytrell Gladden-Wiliams, a Charlottesville High School senior, decided to take Auto Body Technology this year at CATEC because he wanted to learn skills he can use to gain employment and financial security. In just a few months, Zytrell has already completed two job shadow opportunities, one at Taylor's Auto Body and one at Brown's Collison Center. At both job shadows he was able to practice some hands-on skills, including removing and replacing an air bag and prepping for paint jobs. He hopes to start an internship soon that he will be able to carry over into full-time employment upon graduation. Zytrell enjoys cooking in his spare time.

This month we are highlighting an aspect of CATEC's mission that provides opportunities for high school students to learn on-the-job training and adult apprentices to get their academic training as part of their required apprenticeship hours. Internships and apprenticeships are essential to preparing CATEC's students for success and help build relationships with local employers. Learn more about these work-based learning opportunities below.

Meet Our Current Auto Service Technology Interns

Meet Our Current Construction Trades Interns

What is a Registered Apprentice?

National Apprenticeship Week

CATEC is excited to highlight its adult and high school Apprenticeship programs during National Apprenticeship Week. National Apprenticeship Week brings together businesses, communities, and educators to showcase opportunities available through apprenticeship programs.

Apprenticeships at CATEC

CATEC’s Apprenticeship programs consistently serves more than 200 apprentices each semester and the numbers are growing. CATEC’s Apprenticeship programs are approved by the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry and provide employer-sponsors and their employees with required related technical instruction hours needed to satisfy a full apprenticeship program. CATEC’s Adult Education and Apprenticeship Program Manager Shannon Tomlin says, “Apprenticeship is a highly desirable form of training for students and workers because it is first and foremost a job. It allows for: learning job skills while earning an income, wage progression, and a widely recognized and portable certificate of completion and proficiency.”

The Virginia Registered Apprenticeship program is an employment training model that produces highly skilled workers to meet the demands of local employers. Through a combination of on-the-job training, work-based instruction, and industry-recognized credentials, the program meets the needs of nearly 2,000 Virginia employers using custom curriculum to train their workforce. Registered Apprentices complete a minimum of 2,000 hours of supervised on-the-job training and a minimum of 144 hours of related technical instruction for each year of apprenticeship, averaging four years. Successful completion of the Registered Apprenticeship Program earns the apprentice nationally recognized state certification as a Journeyperson. All apprentices are registered through the Department of Labor and Industry apprenticeship consultant.

Apprenticeships for High School Students

Registered Apprenticeships are also available to high school juniors and seniors. Students are enrolled in career and technical education classes and regular high school classes. Additionally, they are hired as registered apprentices and complete work-based learning experiences through their local employer. Businesses, workforce professionals, and educators see Youth Registered Apprenticeships as an effective way to start high school students on a career path that leads to good wages and advancement opportunities. Tomlin says, “Our skilled trades industries are facing a severe worker shortage. The Youth Registered Apprenticeship program bridges the needs of our current business partners and our future workforce.” According to the Department of Labor, after apprenticeship completion, 94% of employees retain employment. Since January 2017, there have been more than 583,000 new apprenticeships.

Learn More about CATEC's Adult Education and Apprenticeship Program

CATEC offers Adult Education and Apprenticeship training that covers a range of technical education courses. The career and technical offerings will help lifelong learners: enhance current skills, gain new knowledge for increased job marketability, continue life-long learning, make life more enjoyable, or simply have fun. CATEC provides a positive place for post-secondary learning. Apprenticeship programs are approved by the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry and provide employer sponsors and their employees with the required related technical instruction hours needed to satisfy a full Apprenticeship program. Watch a video here.

Meet Some of Our Adult Apprenticeship Students

Get to Know the CATEC Foundation Board

The CATEC Foundation:

  • Assists in advancing career, technical and vocational education and training supporting Central Virginia businesses
  • Helps schools gain understanding of the needs of area employers
  • Administers scholarships for graduating seniors and adults to pursue education in the skilled trades
  • Raises funds to support student scholarships and CATEC improvements
  • Serves as the advisory council of the Adult education Program
  • Contact the Foundation Board at:

CATEF Scholarship Applications are due December 12th.