Pride of the Tribe

Week of September 10, 2018

Big picture

A reminder to us all...This job takes courage, passion, and most of all it takes grit!


Aim For Success Assembly Schedule

Please take students to the auditorium at the scheduled times:

Grade 9

8:15 - 9:15

Grade 11

9:45 - 10:45

Grade 12

1:00 - 2:00

Grade 10

2:10 - 3:10

BELL RINGER - Once per week during 3rd period please have students check their email and grades!

Nuts & Bolts

  • One more week to get those SISD Compliance videos finished! They MUST be completed before September 17th.Turn in grade sheet to Nicki for documentation.

  • T-TESS Goal Setting and Part I MUST be completed by September 28th. Reminder - This is completed in DMAC.

  • SLO - You should have completed Steps 1 & 2. You can put your SLO documentation within your lesson plan folder.

  • Assessments - Please make sure we have a copy of your assessments. Turn them into your appraiser.

Just changing a few words can dramatically improve student responses...

Instead of this...

"Are there any questions?"

"Do you have any questions?"

"You don't have any questions, do you?"

Try this...

"What questions do you have?"

"Now, ask me some questions."

Upcoming Events

September 10
  • Electives/CTE Department Meetings @ 7:45am
  • SISD Board Meeting @ 5:00pm
  • FFA Back to School Bash @ 6:00pm
September 11
  • Math/Science Department Meetings @ 7:45am
  • Fire Drill @ 9:45am
  • Volleyball vs Pilot Point @ SHS, 5pm
  • Aim For Success Parent Presentation, 6:00pm

September 12

  • English/SS Department Meetings @ 7:45am
  • Yearbook Pictures
  • Aim For Success Assembly

September 13

  • 9th/JV/V Football vs Bridgeport @ Bridgeport

September 14

  • Pep Rally - Guest is 6th Grade (teachers need to be in stands monitoring students)
  • JV/V Volleyball vs Denison @ Denison, 5:00pm
  • V Football vs Bridgeport @ SHS, 7:30pm

September 15

  • XC Meet @ UNT, 7:30am
  • JV Volleyball @ Brewster Tournament

Reminder that there is a New Teacher Training Session on September 20th!

Framing the Lesson Using We will...I will...Statements

The art of framing the lesson is using verbs that are able to show evidence.

We will investigate...

We will compare...

We will connect...

I will find...

I will classify...

I will multiply...