Debra Czerniakowski

What is this?

This is a page that will help you learn more about me. As my possible future employer, I think it is only fair for you to know as much about me as possible. This is my way of further explaining what is written in my resume and answering remaining questions you may have about me. If any of your questions go unanswered, my contact information is below.

About me

With hopes to invite you into my life so I can be invited into your company, I have created this to not only show my creativity but show that I can fit into your technical advance company. I find marketing so appealing and it comes so naturally to me. I always wanted to go into a STEM(Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) career because numbers and things about that sort has always came so easily to me. After becoming involved with Business Professionals of America (BPA) I realized that business is my calling. I would like to work on the crafty part of business to incorporate my creative side but still work with my number chugging brain. I found the job of information processing assistant to cover my creative side but still having my mathematical side in.

3 Words For Me

Below are 3 words people choice to use to describe me.

  1. Curious
  2. Insightful
  3. Outgoing


  1. Mature
  2. Friendly
  3. Determined


  1. Kind
  2. Logical
  3. Teachable


  1. Thoughtful
  2. Responsible
  3. Trustworthy


  1. Self-motivated
  2. Friendly
  3. Easy-Going


  1. High-spirited
  2. Leadership
  3. Compassionate


I attended Byron Area Schools ( for my whole schooling career. I will slowly make my way a crossed the stage on May 31st, 2015 with the same 106 kids that I started kindergarten back in 2002. It has been a fun and memorable journey through these years but unfortunately it must come to an end. From there, I see myself working for a company with morals, values and an environment similar to yours. My high years have prepared me for this job. I have taken business related classes since my freshman year with an additional college course Legal Environmental and Business. I started taking college courses when my school first starting offering them to students. Central Michigan University offered Byron and the other school districts around us a "blended" style class, which is an online course with 3-4 face-to-face classroom meetings. I got excited and jumped at the opportunity to obtain college credit in high school. My eager actions earned me 12 credit hours and great high school experience.

Free Time

I am a member of our Student Body Government, National Honors Society, Business Professionals of America, the varsity soccer team, the varsity basketball team, and I managed two youth basketball teams. When I am not doing all of those activities, I volunteer with Make-A-Wish, The Rainbow Connection, and with my church. I really enjoy helping others and staying busy.

National Honors Society

National Honors Society(NHS) is offered at my school to students who have a 3.0 GPA and are a junior or older. I got a NHS letter my junior thought but I thought I was way to busy and had way to hard of schedule to take on a commitment like that(looking back I wish I would have applied my junior year). Well, it took me a year to get organized and time management skill but I applied to NHS and got accepted. It took me only a week to fall in love with the organization and come to the decision to run for a position on the board. I chose to run for secretary and was voted in. Even though having a crazy schedule stresses me out from time to time, I am glad that I put the time forth and take advantage of every opportunity that is given to me.

Student Government

Of all the activities I do, I think that Student Government is the most stressful. I have to represent 106 different people all at once. But at the same time I think it is the most rewarding especially after we complete a successful event; for me, that is the reason I do it. Trying to come up with spirit days themes at 7 am in the morning with a bunch of sleeping and some what grumpy teenagers is not my ideal morning but certainly gives me an opportunity to improve on my people skills. I love partaking in these sorts of activities because it makes me feel like my opinion actually mater. I hear so many kids complain about spirit theme days but I never see those kids at the meetings. That is the difference between leaders a followers; followers sit back and complain while the leaders search for a solution to the problem that makes everyone happy.

Business Professionals of America

When I first became a member my freshman year, I did it because I thought it would look on a college application but as I have progressed through the organization it has become so much more than that to me. I have grown more, learned more, and met more people in this program than I ever did in my whole high school career. I believe that BPA is going to help me more in the future than any other extracurricular activity I partake in. Feeling so passionate about BPA, I decided to run for a board member position and landed myself the title of Treasurer. Being the treasurer gives me a sense of importance. I enjoy being hands on with the organization. Getting the opportunity to go to leadership conferees help me grow not only as a leader but as a person as well. Sometimes I stop and think that maybe I do to much and push myself too hard but then I remember that I am not going to get anywhere by sitting back and watching; for me to grow I have to push myself outside my comfort zone.

BPA Button Project

My local chapter of BPA (Business Professionals of America) created a fundraiser during breast cancer awareness month where we made buttons that showcased our "Dig Pink" volleyball night (Dig Pink is an event put on the volleyball team to raise money and awareness for breast cancer) and our volleyball players in general. The families, friends, and the fans could buy these buttons for a dollar during this event. This got me thinking. This product is only attracting people who attend the Dig Pink game and volleyball players' fans but what if we could make buttons that appeal for everyone?

When I was at the game I started a data sheet for myself. I would ask everyone if they would like to buy a button and if they answered no I would ask would they be interested in buying buttons if there was a larger variety and what kind of buttons they would like to see. I took notes on what kind of buttons people would be interest in buying, I got request for all sorts of buttons so I got to work on designing and creating these buttons. I worked long and hard at completing this task on time. At the next volleyball game, I sold the old and the new buttons that I had created and our sales TRIPLED! My BPA leader was so proud that she put me in charge of button making permanently.

Make-A-Wish Foundation

I volunteer with Make-A-Wish yearly. The organization makes terminally ill children's last wish come true.

The Rainbow Connection

I volunteer with this organization yearly to raise money for terminally ill children in the local area. This organization is more personal because on most occasions you get the chance to meet the kid you are raising money for.

Debra Czerniakowski

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