Great to GROW UP in Clifton Park

My suburban community is Clifton Park

Why you want to grow up here

In Clifton Park, kids can join lots of clubs and parks. In the summer you can go to a fun camp in the morning at one of the parks. When you are at camp you play games, make crafts and can even swim! You can also play lots of sports. There are lots of sports here are a few baseball fields, pools ,soccer fields and a hockey rink! There is a big library and stores and restaurants! There are lots of playgrounds. My favorite is baseball at the Commons and Sports Barn. You would never feel bored growing up in Clifton Park!

Things to know if you grow up here

We have librarians that help you find good books. We have people who volunteer to be coaches for all our sports. We have people who work in Town Hall who plan all the camps and activities. Also the Town Engineer helps things get built. They are all important. In our community you must drive the speed limit. We have lots of kids and you have to be safe. Clifton Park has gotten a lot bigger. More people want to grow up here, and you should too. It used to be hard to get to our town, so the population was smaller. But when 87 called the Northway was built, the population skyrocketed. That means lots of people decided this would be a great place to live. If you grow up here too, you can help me recycle. I recycle because I like to be outside and I dont like it dirty. If you decide to grow up here, I hope I see you at the Commons for the 4th of July parade and the fireworks! I hope I have persuaded you to grow up in Clifton Park!

Ian Kirkpatrick, 2nd grade Tesago Elementary Mrs. Gerstenberger"s class