Watches is not just about time

Watches are not only about telling the time

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Watches are not only about telling the time. It has become an accessory to make a statement about your style and personal taste. The options vary from one person to the other but there are timeless classics that will blow your mind. This article takes a look at your typical type of watch which look classy. Let’s begin.

Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch
If you love technology, then you’ll probably want to get a smartwatch. The Apple Watch is popular, but I recommend checking out the Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch, which looks awesome. It also pairs really when with the brand-new Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone. Will you stay with the traditional watch or go down the techy route? There are a number of nifty features which come with a smartwatch, but they would never replace a Rolex, for example.

Wooden watch
This fits men who are conscious about nature and love to appreciate the vintage feel of wood. It has been termed as an environmentally friendly approach to telling time. It is made from the best wood which is expertly treated for that purpose. It comes in different shades which makes it a sophisticated timing accessory. It is the best choice for individuals who experience allergies due to chemicals or use of certain metallic materials. It comes with two “miyota” movements. Since it is not water proof, maintenance requires the use of a damp cloth to clean. The sizes include 1.5 inches in length and 2.0 inches in width.

Bottle watch
This is a reminder of the happy hour. It has a highlighted bottom of a wine bottle to remind you of the happy hour feel. The use of green glass contextualizes the watch for wine moments. The design is eye catching and unique which comes with an additional tonal effect. It will definitely make a statement in any room and especially during conferences. It comes with matching straps and a screen size over 1.5 by 2.0 inches. The straps are adjustable to fit different arms.

Foretell Watch
This is a time piece that helps you in decision making. Instead of the usual numbers for different hours, it has common answers to every day questions. They include ‘say yes’, ‘no way’, ‘no no’, ‘hell no’ and ‘have fun’. These words are cleverly placed on different hour positions making it easy to provide a clear answer whenever such a question pops up. The words are based on expert research and will make it easier to decide or provide an answer in most scenarios. It appears to have the power of telling the future.

Past Present and Future Watch
The accessory reminds you that your most important time is the present. Besides telling you the exact time, it has an opaque cover over the clock arms that hide past and future figures. This therefore acts as a reminder that your most important time is now. It comes in stainless steel and remains water resistant up to a hundred feet. It is a beautiful blend of silver and black.

Iridium watch
This masterpiece has eliminated the hour and minute hands. Instead, it uses red and blue colours to indicate their positions. The blue colour is used to indicate the hour while the red colour points at the minutes. As the opaque glass rotates, the other numbers change to purple. It uses the Swiss movement and remains water resistant up to a hundred and fifty feet. It comes with a battery and a band made of stainless steel.

The hour watch
This is for the people who need constant motivation or want to maintain positive energy throughout the day. It reminds you of the things that are easy to ignore due to fatigue or haste as the day wears off. Colourful words like ‘observe’, ‘reflect’, ‘engage’, etc will appear every time you glance at your arm. This is an incredible reminder of the beauty and value of each minute. The wristband is adjustable so that it can fit any arm. A long battery life gives you two to three years before the need to replace.

Reveal Watch
This is for a person interested in living the present fully. It is a traditional model that reads in digital format. The looking glass reveals the current hour and minute as the past fades away and the future closes in. It will remain resistant to water up to a hundred feet. The arm band is either made of stainless steel or well treated leather.

This model utilizes the colour wheel to indicate time. It utilizes the three dimensions of colour: tone, value and purity. Numerals are designed to change colour with every second while the hour hand merges with the palette to produce a unique view. The gradual changes create a unique spectrum that will be distinct from time to time. It remains resistant to water up 150 feet and comes with an adjustable stainless steel mesh for an arm band.

So, this list of men’s watches should help to inspire you into making a decision. Which will you buy? Let us know in the comments below.