Flammulated Owl

By Morgan Eshleman and Lizzie Paparo

Pages 35-36

Page 35-36 in the book the North American Owls, by Helen Roney Sattler tells about that not all owls make it to adulthood and the affect DDT has on owls.Owlets or young owls are the first to suffer if food is scarce. 50% of owlets die in the first year.96% of owls and owlets die because of humans.Owls are mostly trapped or hit by automobiles.Few are electrocuted.DDT spraying kills a large number of owls.Cutting down forests almost made the Northern Spotted Owl extincted. The oldest owl was 68 years old. (The picture on the right is the Northern Spotted Owl.)

Page 37-38

The book North American Owls by Helen Roney Sattler describes how owls are dieing. Scientist believe that DDT is is killing the owls. DDT is a pesticide that is supposed to keep away bugs and rodents,but instead the rodents ate the crops and the owls are eating those rodents, so the owls are dieing from DDT. Now the united states banned DDT so now farmers aren't allowed to use DDT. Scientist are placing radio tags on young nestlings, so that way they study owls and educate people on why owls are important. The last reason owls are dieing is because of loss of habitat and starvation because the owls don't have nests they can't eat.To solve the nesting problem they are putting in owl boxes for owls to make nests. Those are some reasons owls are dieing and how people are trying to help the owls.
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The Flammulated Owl

The owl was named the Flammulated owl because of V -shaped reddish bars running down the wings on the owl.


DDT: A synthetic organic compound used as an insecticide.Like other chlorinated aromatic hydrocarbons, DDT tends to persist in the environment and become concentrated

Scarce: Insufficient to satisfy the need or demand; not abundant

Owlet: A young owl

Radio tags: I.D tags to help study something.

Pesticide: A chemical preparation for destroying a plant,fungal, or animal pests.

Educate: To provide schooling or training,send to school.

Habitat: The place where a person or thing is located.

Starvation: Very hungry.

Owl Boxes: A special box for owls to make nests.

Automobiles: A passenger vehicle designed for operating on ordinary roads and typically having four wheels and gasoline or diesel internal-combustion engine.

Electrocuted: To kill by electrocuting.

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The graph shows the wingspan (in inches) of the Flammulated owl compared to other types of owls.