The Plague Of Darkness

Exodus chapter 10 Emily Kulick

Moses Was Told

God told Moses to stretch out his hands towards the sky and he would bring a darkness so intense the people would be able to feel it, he did what he was told and the great darkness spread through out the skies of Egypt.

The Darkness

The great darkness lasted for three full days, although God did allow all Israelites to have light where ever they dwelt, the fact that Egyptian men and women could not see each other made it very difficult and unsafe to work.

The Pharaohs Summoning

The Pharaoh sumond Moses and said to him "Go and worship your lord and bring your fellow followers, but their herds must remain along with their flocks." Moses agreed to the kings terms but had some of his own, such as an animal to sacrafice to God in which they would need to keep all of their crops and livestock. The pharaoh exsepted and sent Moses on his way.