iPads in the Classroom

A New Age

iPads have become the new craze of the education world. So, what is all the "hoop-la" about? In this age of ever increasing technological advances, more tools than ever before are becoming accessible to educators. Not only are these tools easier to obtain, but many are being created specifically for the education system or are at least education savvy. Check out the videos and sites below to find advantages of incorporating iPads into classrooms!

Apple education learning with ipad us

Some Ideas to Get You started

Online Resources to Spark Your Imagination

Not sure where or how to begin? There are millions of resources on the web to help you get started with using ipads in your classroom. Many sites includes free lesson plan ideas and resources to guide you through implementing ipads into your classroom. Our first piece of advice for you? Become familiar with your own ipad first! Explore the functions and tools that are available to you and become familiar with how the ipad system works. Also, don't be afraid to ask around to see how others are using their ipads! Below are some great resources to get you started.

Apple iPad in Education - High School Case Study
How to Use iPads in the Classroom