Stephen King

Plot Line: A story of Surrendering Addiction for love and family

Exposition: Morrison meets old high school friend McCaan, who introduces him to Quitters Inc.

Rising Action: Morrison goes into the office, just for kicks, not expecting much.

Climax: Morrison slips up, and his wife is brought into Quitters Inc.

Falling Action: Morrison returns to Quitters Inc periodically to check in with Donatti on his non- smoking progress.

Resolution: McCaan and his wife meet up with the Morrisons.

Major Conflict

Addiction forces your body to crave something you don't want. Nicotine is the biggest contributor to addiction. Mr. Morrison is faced with a painful decision- smoke, and hurt his loved ones, or force the crippling pain of addiction withdrawal?


The theme shows that you will give anything up for someone you love. Quitters Inc. has an interesting tone: threatening, and weary. Morrison is unaware of when he is being watched, and who is watching him. His moment of failure is seen as a game of russian roulette, could he sneak a smoke without being watched?

This is set in New York,

Literary Devices

Author Stephen King uses symbolism and shock factor to make the reader sympathize with Morrison, and McCaan's wife. Even though Mrs. McCaan had given up something important to her, she was glad to do it for her husband.