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The Christians symbol is the cross like the one that Jesus died on. like the picture above


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They believe that if you ask God in to your heart that he will save you then as a act of your salvation you get baptized. Then you have a relationship with God so when you die he will let you in to Heaven. Like the picture above this picture is from google image.
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They believe shall not kill. (The bible 10 commandments)


God created the world and put Adam and Eve in a garden. (Genesis in the bible)

The Holy Bible

This is the sacred text of Christianity most churches have them in them or people have them in there homes and bring it with them to church with them. This can come in different versions, color,sizes, sizes of text,etc.
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Christianity around the World

This picture above shows the different country's it can be in,and is in today cause not always is it in a perfect community.


They believe that when you get saved God will take all your sins away and you will go to heaven. This video below is a common thing they do to show this.
Experiment Video - He will wash your Sins with His blood, If you Ask him


Believe that God ordained marriage to be a lifelong relationship between Men and Women.
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Belief of Heaven and Hell

They believe that you will go to Heaven if you get Saved in God and get baptized or if God comes down he will take them before they die. They believe that you will go to hell if you don't get Saved in God.
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The Poor and The Rich

In the bible God says it's easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God. ( Luke 18:25) But now the Christians help the poor and the rich are welcome in to the church.
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What is Christianity? a simple explanation