No Red Ink

April Davala


No Red Ink is an online adaptive tool for grammar instruction. Teachers are able to create classes and assign topics for students to practice which are geared to each students' personal pop culture interest. Students have noted that they do not realize they are learning grammar because the examples are so "Fun!"

Features that Support Learning:

Teacher Benefits

  • Teachers are able to create a diagnostic assessment with the grammar concepts that want to focus on, then drive their future lessons from that diagnostic.
  • Teachers are able to open 1 or as many of the grammar concepts within a topic as they wish.
  • The data collected on students is streamlined, easy to understand, and immediate so a teacher can drive his/her instruction "on the spot".
  • Google compatible--easy sign on for students and then students join a class via a class code--easy to enroll students.
  • Can customize per student as well
  • Created by teachers for teachers

Student Benefits:

  • Students participate in a brief interest inventory of pop culture prior to beginning practice sessions. Grammar examples are then customized to their own personal interests to increase engagement.
  • Students can go back and correct their mistakes and have an option to watch tutorials for more guided practice.
  • The questions will get less difficult or more difficult based on how the individual student is performing on the lesson.
  • Learning is fun--no more grammar work sheets :)

The Data

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Features that Inhibit Learning:

  • The only feature I think may mildly impede learning is the Interest Inventory students complete when they register. The choices of interests can be overwhelming, and a student may waste much time exploring the topics of interest instead of beginning the grammar practice. As a teacher, I would limit their time for exploration to 5-10 m minutes.

Features I would Add:

  • It would be beneficial if there was an "audio" component too. Being able to have the sentences read aloud via the computer would be helpful for students with that accommodation.