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The Chromebooks Are Here!

It was exciting to see all of the students picking up their chromebooks before school started and then watching them in use during this first week of school.

A few suggested ideas for managing chromebooks, and other forms of technology at home:

  • After homework is finished, charge the chromebooks outside of the student's bedroom. Technology of all kinds can be a distraction at night and many studies have shown the harmful effects of looking at computer and phone screens before bed.
  • When chromebooks aren't in use, keep them zipped in their cases.
  • Watch out for your pets - dogs and cats love to chew charging cords.
  • Have ongoing discussions with your children about the wealth of information that can be found online and your expectations for the types of content you want them to stay away from.
  • Ask them to teach you! You have built in tech support at home. It will bolster their confidence, reinforce what they are learning in school, and help keep you up to date.

App Spotlight

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Pocket is both an extension and an app. It is a web-service that lets users save web pages to access later. The reason we are encouraging its use is that it works offline. The extension saves the page in the app. The app opens up all of the saved web pages. To make it even more useful, use tags to organize the web pages.

Ways to use it:

  • If you know you will need to access a webpage later but won't have WiFi access.
  • You just found a great website and want to be able to find it again.
  • Collecting webpage pages for a research project.

Install the Pocket App

Install the Pocket Extension

Pocket Tutorial

Meet Karen

Karen Soanes, Ed.D.

Director of Instructional Technology

Karen is the shared Director of Instructional Technology for Bloomfield CSD. She spends half of her week in Bloomfield and the other half of her week in the Honeoye Central School District. One of her passions is learning new things and being a Director of Technology fits right in since technology evolves so quickly!