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Week beginning 15th April

Not just books

For many of our children the internet is at their finger tips. From laptops and tablets to smartphones and game systems, a web of information is open to them. This provides our children with fantastic access to information and resources however it also creates some difficulties too.

Keeping our children safe on line should be a priority for both parents and teachers. Here are a few tips to ensure your children stay safe.

1. Ensure that they know not to share personal information and that they always check with an adult before registering for a new site.

2. Make sure they always seek permission before downloading an app or clicking on ads.

3. Help them create strong passwords that they can remember and make sure that they know not to share them.

Follow these simple guidelines and you are ensuring that your children will have a much safer and more positive experience whilst online.

App of the Week.

The fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Lessmore

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore is an imaginative, interactive picture book based on an award-winning animated short film. The app book contains several animated clips from the film. The story is a lovely and fantastical one that celebrates the power of books, but be aware that it begins with a big storm that pulls up houses and blows the hero away. There's a whole lot to do in this app, though, besides just viewing the story, including piecing together puzzles, building words with alphabet cereal, and drawing your own pictures on blank book pages.

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