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What is guidance?

According to Dictionary.com guidance is the act of guiding or leading.

Why is it Important?

Guidance is important because it helps guide to child to learn what is right and wrong.

Guidance Tips

  • Reward Good Behavior
  • use Timeouts
  • Let the child express their emotions
  • Explain good behavior from bad behavior and make sure the child understands that
  • Be on the same page with everyone involved in the child's life of what is acceptable behavior for your child
  • Model the behavior yourself
  • have consequences for bad behavior the child knows about
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The Duggars

I love this video on parental guidance by the Duggars because I think they make some great points for christian and non-christian families. If you get a chance in your busy schedule give this video a shot!
The Duggars on Parental Guidance - Full Interview

Additional Resources

Positive Discipline- www.positivediscipline.com
Prevent Abuse Now- www.prevent-abuse-now.com
National Association for the Education of Young Children- http://www.naeyc.org/yc/columns/guidance

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