Literary Devices Found in Two Kinds

Kyle Barron 8-24-2012


This is a story based in china town. Located in San Fransisco, California.


The daughter is one of the main characters in the story. She is a girl that sees herself as capable of doing great things but she doesnt want to put in the work. The mother sees her daughter the same way but the mother is using to much effort


  This story begins with the mother in the story admiring the american girl Sherly Temple. She wanted desperatly for her daughter to be as talented and famous as Sherly. She had her daughter practice to be an actor and she made her practice hard. After a while of her daughter failing over and over again the mother began to forget about it. Then she watched a little asian girl on telivision playing the piano and she immediatly signed her daughter up for piano lessons with a deaf teacher. The daughter relized during the lessons she was able to make as many mistakes as she wanted if she acted like they never happened because the old mans eyes wouldnt be able to keep up with them. Then her mother had her involved in a talent show. The daughter made many errors and disappointed her mother. So they got into a fight.

Internal Conflict

   The internal conflict was the mother had high expectations that her daughter did not have the will to do. The daughter even perposly controdicts the mother by doing things wrong.

External Conflict

 The daughter is not succeding at a speed that her mother would like for her to. Then when she was in piano lessons she would perposly make mistakes because her teacher could not keep up with all of them.


  The theme of this story is that constint fighting does not do well for anyone in the relationship.


   The piano is a symbol of accomplishment.


   In the beggining of this story the little girl looks into the mirror and sees a failure. She sees someone who was not a great as she hoped. She became extrmely angry and when she looked back into the mirror she could see someone who was extrmely powerful. This means that she can see under the surface she is a lot greater. It suggests she has two distinct personalities.


  In the story the mother and daughter faced a major problem in their relationship. The mother constantly wanted for her daughter to do more and more. The daughter had the will power to do it but she did not like being pushed so she revolted and began to perpously fail.


 The mother was nothing in China and she purposly moved to the USA to create a better life for her daughter. Therefor she is trying to live through her daughter.