Steroids in sport

Steroids in sport have become a larger problem as competition has grown

Rules and regulations must be more strictly enforced

Physically mutate your body

In men steroids can enlarge breasts and prostate gland as well as result in infertility.In women steroids can deepen voices, increase body hair and result in infrequent or absent periods.This can happen because steroids are usually taken to become larger physically because of this most steroids are made of a hormone called testosterone. when made in steroid form this hormone is made synthetically and when taken/injected disrupts your natural hormone balance.

Can damage your liver

Steroids have been known to cause tumours in the liver. These tumours can be cancerous or non-cancerous . As well as cause a rare condition called, peliosis hepatis. This disease causes blood filled cysts that can rupture and cause bleeding in the liver.

Drug Dependance

Anobolic steroids are a drug and like any other drug they can become addictive both mentally and physically. When addicted physically your body needs the drug to feel normal because it has adapted to it when the user stops abusing the drug they go through withdrawal which can be agonising. Many individuals who use steroids use them to become more muscular and enhance their athletic abilities. Sometimes abuse of a steroid can be mental the user will have physical dismorphia, where they see their body in a way that isn't real. steroid abusers may see themselves as small and weak then continue to use the steroid to become stronger and more muscular.